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Sober Junkie

Full Name: Christopher Micheal
Sober Date:
DOC: Meth/ Heroine
Hometown: California
Instagram: @thesoberjunkieofficial
Tiktok: @soberjunkie
About: Sober Junkie, a Native from California, is a singer, songwriter, and performer who uses music as medicine for his soul. He grew up splitting time between living with his single hard-working mother in Los Banos and his two dads in West Hollywood and San Francisco, where Sober Junkie got his love for music and entertainment. His father was an up-and-coming struggling actor/performer who always putting on a show. Addiction molded much of Sober Junkies’ (SJ) life and took him to rock bottom. Cannabis and music were the two escapes that helped SJ overcome his drug addiction…

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