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Mohawk Matt

Full Name: Matt Cammarano
Hometown: San Fernando, CA
DOC: Meth and Heroin
Sober Date: 05/18/2018
Instagram: @Mohawkmatt_sfv
TikTok: @Mohawkmatt_sfv
About: 3 years ago, I was tired, had ruined a beautiful home and found myself taking my 17th shot of meth and heroin For the day – when my body said no more and I got clean. Being sober has brought me a new way of life, it has allowed me to integrate back into society and family life while working in recovery and taking charge of my own recovery through meetings, therapy and outreach with Dopesick and other brands in the greater Los Angeles area. As we are changing the approach to recovery by refusing to remain anonymous – my name is “Mohawk” Matt from the streets of San Fernando, prison, addiction, and now passing on the strength, courage and support to fellow addicts, their families and communities for a healthier, better lifestyle.

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