How technology is influencing the real estate industry

The idea of connecting smart home technology is seeing more progress since larger corporations like Google and Amazon have gotten into the fray.  Now that they are pushing forward, 2017 should bring “The Internet-of-Things” (IoT  for short) into the homes of many Americans.  Soon, asking the air for a weather report, shipping confirmation, or to turn on the lights in another room will be commonplace. How will this impact real estate? This

Technology in iphone smart watches

Nobody does Apple better than Apple. That’s why the Apple Watch Series 1 stands as the best smartwatch for iPhone users. Although there was a lot to love in the original Apple Watch, its software and user interface certainly left something to be desired. Now, Apple’s in its second iteration of the sought after wearable with two differing versions — Series 1 and Series 2. Although the Series 2 watch offers everything that

Anti-Fraud Techniques Successful Tech Companies Use

With the explosion of online business and the rapid growth of the tech world, it is getting harder and harder to keep up with the changes in the legal world, let alone the world of fraud. But today we are seeing a huge increase in online fraud to the extent that many websites are always on the search for better and more secure online payment methods to protect their customers. While it