A Bright Future: Computer Information Systems Careers

A Bright Future: Computer Information Systems Careers

Computer information systems (CIS) managers are integral in the implementation of technology within their organization. Their duties are wide-ranging and may include helping construct a business plan, overseeing network security, and directing Internet operations. CIS managers also may plan, coordinate, and direct research, and they work with top management to help determine technological and business goals and develop detailed plans for meeting these goals. They must have a strong understanding of both business and technology.

Possible job titles include:

Application Developer
Infrastructure Architect
Project Manager
IT Consultant
Quality Assurance Specialist
Setup Configuration Specialist

The exact title and the role played is determined by the job description and the needs of each company or organization. However, what is certain is the demand for CIS graduates.

Health Informatics and CIS

An important specialty within the area of CIS is health informatics. The field of health informatics combines knowledge of information technology, medical areas, and healthcare administration. Experts in health informatics know about information technology, how to apply technology to solve practical problems, and how to manage the complicated processes of introducing and applying systems within organizations.

Experts in health informatics also know the healthcare industry, both from the aspect of providing medical care and services and also from the position of implementing and directing complicated medical processes and organizations. They can help organizations innovate and improve medical care with the right technologies used in the best, most efficient ways. You can further research degree options online. For example, you can learn about MVU Online  and  UAB’s information system bachelors degree .

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